transparent house complies with EPN over standard

sustainable housing

On a wooded site, we well within the enhanced EPN Standard (Energy Performance) a spacious house designed and realized by up view of nature. Despite that very much used on the glass surface is a highly energy efficient house with great comfort.

Because of natural forested appearance of the plot with terrace let the building float above the ground. This allows you to achieve balance and is closed under the picture of house, tree, (creature) broken. The site appears under the house to walk and is thus in focus completely separate from the house. It also offers the height between ground level terrace and the terrace edge and the ability to use sofa.

The building is aimed at the development of the solstice. There are the principles of passive building used as the optimum use of the Sun The building has little energy for heating and cooling. By building insulation and Richings is present in the heating season and kept free solar heat used. The heat of the exhaust air is stored in a boiler for DHW heating and space heating.

Fresh air through natural ventilation aangevoerd.In summer warming prevent unwanted fixed awning and a tropendak. The heat between the tropendak and architectural roof can optionally be removed and used for DHW heating and space heating. During the summer nights the house is cooled with cold night air. This and avoid unnecessary warming is a redundant air conditioning system.

The facades along the street and driveway are equipped with small window openings. This is the insulation on the north and east for the better. This side also features the mountain and badfuncties gepland.Aan the garden side are all facades with area high and wide windows, is the result of experience within and outside up there is visual contact between the working and living quarters possible.

The ground floor is divided by a U-shape, with the entrance in the middle and a kitchen. From these spaces are all accessible spaces, which the central location of the kitchen stressed. From the entrance is the kitchen overlooking a partially covered patio. Because this decision partly light in the lee of the u-shape is the increased number of opportunities for country house.

The house is next to the main functions of living space, kitchen, toilet, bath and bedroom, also with an extra toilet and bath room, pantry, office space, study room, laundry room and garage. By all areas central to unlocking the surface for pedestrian areas have been relatively limited and many features on a compact surface achieved.





process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

exterieur en interieur nieuwbouw

floor area

100-500 sqm

handing over



  • Olivier+partners>architecten
  • Peltenburg Bouwmij
  • Vitruvius Consultancy