Sjaak Swart Suite becomes three times as big


industrial building with identity

In the Amsterdam ArenA building, we were asked to create a skybox for 12 people. The skybox should be provided with an entrance, a cloakroom plus a toilet, a bar, 4 double sofas, 4 tables and 2 chairs, covering approximately 20m2 floor space.

A 3-course dinner is served shortly after arriving in the skybox and after dinner, the tables have to disappear to make room for networking. The tables can be folded and stowed into cut outs in the sofas and then everyone gets a view of the match from the skybox balcony.

The TV in the skybox is organized so that everyone can watch the repeat action after a goal.

When it became apparent that the open corners of the ArenA were not conducive to the growth of the grass, it was decided to develop these spaces. This gave scope for the expansion of a skybox from about 10 people to about 30 people. The atmosphere of the Sjaak Swart Suite is translated into the new space, the Champions Lounge. This also has a folding table used for serving the 3-course dinner. Every weekend sees a tour turn by a "star cook" utilising in a fully equipped mini-format kitchen.

Click here for more information on the Champions Lounge.





process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

interieur nieuwbouw

floor area

< 100 sqm

handing over



  • DAD
  • MIO
  • Vliet Interieurbouw, van