offices no longer exist


diverse working environment

"Offices no longer exist" is the credo of Erik Veldhoen of Veldhoen & Company. They have achieved many innovative working environment organizational changes. We came up with a design that brings life to their concept of the “offices no longer exist” principle.

The division of workplaces in one open environment creates many acoustics demands. Acoustic plaster has been applied in many places. Interestingly, this functions very well. If you speak in the room, you are naturally motivated to speak in more hushed tones.

Beside the open workspaces is the bar, where people can enjoy a drink, while standing around in discussions. There are also closed spaces for individual or team activities.

To research and prepare there is also a library, where complete with silence rules.

The building is surrounds a box sets, which contains all the project archives. As in all Veldhoen concepts there is a central place for the ‘phones, post boxes, personal items and the laptops, each in a recognizable place.


Veldhoen + Company



process stage

  • ontwerp
  • engineering

project type

interieur bestaande bouw

floor area

500-1.000 sqm

handing over



  • DAD