new way of working_part 2

diverse environment

The Postbank Leeuwarden, Department call center, we have in the office tower envy Adding ’6 floors of approx 1250 m2 refurbished with a new interior concept by "The New Work’ by Veldhoen + Company.

This was the home project (Custom accommodation) and the traditionally decorated ’offices cells’ transformed into innovative workplace environments. The concept of "The New Work ’we have translated into a spatial design with a variety of different types of work environments.

This gives the employees the freedom to choose one type of activity to choose a suitable workplace. Having proved the concept successfully translated to other departments and several vestigingen.De space occupancy increased and the flexible use of the environment, the relocation decreased.

The space is both from the columns, and from the facade illuminated indirectly. There are special designed fixtures, which light beams evenly form a broad beam. This is a lighting fixture with a one beam of about three meters reached. The ceiling is a diagonal grid design. This makes the walls free space to place and without leaving damage or even move.

The ceiling has metal ceiling tiles of twenty one meters square, which are cooled by water. Through micro-perforation and the filling is acoustic noise in the open workspace gereduceerd.Na proved sufficiently successful design is rolled out further within the Postbank.

Especially for the Postbank is a furniture design, which both share a workstation and a personal preference setting can support. Click here for more information on the furniture.





process stage

  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

interieur bestaande bouw

floor area

5.000-10.000 sqm

handing over



  • BinnenBuiten
  • Brakel Interieurgroep
  • DAD
  • Erco Interieurbouw
  • In Architectuur
  • Valstar Simonis
  • Veldhoen + Company