more space without no more extra meters

personal furnishings

In one house, the most generous and lived in small part of the house: the kitchen. It was a dark and summer to warm room, because one Agafornuis. The actual living space was large and empty with an enormous fireplace, which the image given.

This is a Olthaar Ontwerpen planned to take to break through several rooms to connect and the light image to fit. We also have a part of the reduced space, where both direct and indirect light is integrated. This circuits with different kinds and types of light to create.

Daytime daylight can be enhanced with indirect light. evening sfeerlicht can be used directly or combined with other light sources or indirectly licht.Het suspended ceiling connects several rooms and the tables and the bar gives a sense of security. The conversion of the fireplace is reduced and increased the fireplace, sitting at the table so that better justice to.





process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

interieur bestaande bouw

floor area

100-500 sqm

handing over



  • A0
  • Koelman Bouw