hair cut at the table


industrial building with identity

Commissioned by Sebastian Skin and Hair Care in the Netherlands we have designed several hairdressing salons and executed them with both a personal look, in line with the entrepreneur, and the application of certain Sebastian interior products such as mirrors and product presentation.

Look Hair involved a new building, whose facade was approximately four times as wide as the depth of the building. This dictated the layout. The organization of the functions were arranged horizontally, instead of in depth as the case in most buildings. By placing a sidewall storage and ancillary functions could be hidden. In front of the wall an abstraction of a catwalk translated into two parts, a reading table and a dressing table.

For Sebastian, the individual entrepreneur’s identity is important, therefore, all hairdressing salons have a unique appearance. Regardless of appearance, in hairdressing routing, ergonomics and hygiene are a major concern. Choice of Material is also an important issue in terms of appearance but also for the retention of a certain style.


Look Hair



process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

interieur nieuwbouw

floor area

100-500 sqm

handing over



  • DAD