forest view by underground building



Changes to a characteristic building

On a wooded site within a small property we were asked to renovate an existing residential building.

The demands were greater than the available floor space, so we decided to expand the house. In order to retain the character of the property we expanded the house in a traditional way by transverse the existing building, in the existing style of the building. From the inside an exciting and balanced space division was made, with modern living comforts.

Fitting the home practice into the existing building was difficult. We therefore situated this in an annex. There were several types of annexes, qua materials and form, which failed to suit the character of the property. They would have caused a cluttering of the pleasant and natural sphere. Additionally they would have taken away the view of the beautiful woods behind the property.

After demolishing several outbuildings we designed and built a semi-subterranean two story building. Thanks to sinking the building below the ground surface level and applying a green roof, the view of the woods and the natural surroundings is improved. Due to its asymmetric form the annex does not compete in appearance and form with the property’s authentic buildings.







Berg en Dal

process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

exterieur en interieur bestaande en nieuwbouw

floor area

100-500 sqm

handing over



  • Albert de Wit Aannemersbedrijf
  • BAV