complete workplace sized furniture



A design exclusive to the Postbank - a multifunctional piece of furniture which is in fact a complete flexible workplace, with a memory for personal settings. The furniture has the following characteristics:

  • The monitor screen is separate from the work place in height. Both can be adjusted from a sitting to a standing position, with a memory for the preferred position.
  • The required power and data connections for peripherals, such as phones and laptops, are integrated into the work place by a lockable unit. This makes them easily accessible and no hindrance to the work surface.
  • For security the computer is locked and integrated into the column and the wiring made invisible.
  • To promote concentration at the work the furniture is equipped with acoustic screens, whose form retains visual contact between the staff.
  • For transporting the worktop can be removed and the legs folded. Wheels provide easy and free movement. Optionally, the furniture is also includes lighting; that can also be set per seat.






process stage

  • concept
  • ontwerp
  • engineering
  • realisatie

project type

interieur bestaande bouw

floor area

< 100 sqm

handing over



  • BinnenBuiten
  • DAD
  • Mewaf International