lightweight floor with space for technology



Floor systems which integrate ceilings, installation spaces and upper floor surfaces are called smart floors. These floors are thinner, lighter and more flexible than other floor and ceiling systems. They are further characterized by excellent sound insulating properties. This makes smart flooring very suitable for use in areas such as offices, apartment complexes, housing complexes, schools and when building on an existing foundation.

One of the main features, and the greatest benefit, is the optmal pipe line accessibility in the floor. In practice there is therefore, outside the shaft, no cross-over with horizontal lines. Changes to the interior are thus significantly simplified.

Other benefits

The basic element is a concrete ceiling panel with a built-in steel profile. The ceiling plate is only about 70 mm thick and is equipped with pipes, so the ceiling space can be rapidly cooled or heated.

The upper floor surface can be flexible, fixed or a combination of both. A fixed floor is generally equipped with floor heating to achieve a better indoor climate. The upper floor surface is acoustically isolated from the main structural grid.

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