heat and cold storage underground



An energy saving heater-pump with underground heat exchangers providing efficient heating and cooling. Energy supply is consistent and, unlike solar and wind energy, is independent of the external environment.

In addition the system has very low running costs, thanks to its low energy use and low maintenance. The return on investment is between two and six years. An extreme reduction in the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) is possible.


The heat upon extracts warmth or cooling from the underground heat exchangers. The heat from the underground exchangers is further heated in the pump, raising the temperature to a suitable level. The electric heat pump consumes only a quarter of the energy conventional used for heating. The system is also ideally suited to cool the whole house on hot summer days.


Turnkey delivery of a complete energy system (incl. ground pipes). The accommodation is equipped with a heater-pump that makes use of underground heat exchangers. These are placed 50 to 100 m below the surface.



  • Present and healthy indoor climate
  • Heating and cooling throughout the house in every room
  • During the summer, consistently a couple of degrees cooler than outside
  • An ideal combination with under floor heating
  • No usage of gas (safer)
  • No gas standing charges
  • Lower energy costs
  • Independent of gas price fluctuations
  • EPC reduction: 0,22*
  • CO2 reduction: 9%

* Reduction values are indicative