Green Wall Systems



The Green Gable system is an additional façade in front of the waterproof layer of the building.

The Green Gable consists of a series plant troughs containing almost mature plants, placed beside and above each other. The result is a façade with a natural look that changes with the seasons.


A Green Gable provides a high thermal insulation factor in winter and in the summer reduces solar radiation, keeping the building cool. Green Gable also offers excellent acoustic damping in towns and cities.

Green roofs

In combination with a green roof, grey water is collected, filtered and reused in the flushing system in the building. A Green Gable binds particulates, like a green roof. This contributes positively to the air quality in the city.

Maintenance and requirements

A Green Gable requires little maintenance. The system is custom made where windows, doors, awnings and other façade elements are effortlessly integrated. Compared with other systems a Green Gable is a relatively lightweight construction, approximately 100 kg/m2. Green Gable systems are supplied in compliance with the current fire safety requirements.